Southland ready to go

Last we heard of SOUTHLAND TALES, it was back in the editing room after the first cut of the film had an unfortunate run at Cannes earlier this year. Now, though, Sci-Fi Wire has shown the way to Richard Kelly's blog, in which the director recently posted that the film is locked and just about finished (save for some final visual effects) with a 137-minutes running time, nearly a half hour shorter than what he refers to as the "work-in-progress" cut previously screened. "We have done a significant amount of work to solve the rubiks cube narrative," he writes, adding that we can look forward a trailer and release date soon.

Kelly also noted in this December 4th blog entry that the final book of the three-part graphic novel prequel to SOUTHLAND would be on its way to the printer in a week or so, which, by the power of deduction, is now-ish. And if you're wondering about the status off Kelly's next project, THE BOX, production may start start as early as March. Click HERE to read the full blog entry.

Extra Tidbit: THE BOX will be the latest movie based on a story by Richard Matheson, author of "I Am Legend" who's about as perrenially adapted to screen as Phillip K. Dick.



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