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After what can only be described as a Ross and Rachel-esque will-it-or-won't-it be released in theatres back and forth, definitive proof that Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES will hit theatres on November 9th, is finally here. The team over at Cinematical have landed the first look at the final one sheet for the film, and it's a bit of a dandy. It features the three main principals in colour, Dwayne Johnson (notice how I gave credence to your acting career by not mentioning that you dropped the 'Rock' from your name...oops), Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean William Scott. There's also a couple of pop stars on there as well, but I'll let you check them out for yourself by clicking on the picture on the RIGHT.

I'm extremely anxious to see the supposedly new and improved version of this film gets. There was a time when all who saw it hated it, and there was talk of it never seeing the light of day, but it's finally here. Richard Kelly has a lot to live up to (talkin' about you Donnie), and this film sounds as ambitious and complex as we expected it would be, but as we all know, ambition and complexity combined will either lead to greatness, or to disaster. There's no middle ground. And if I was a director, I'd want my film to generate a strong reaction, no matter what. Hate it or love it, as long as your affected by it. So let's hope the 'improvements' made on this film didn't neuter it and that it's still got some of the balls that pissed everyone off at Cannes.

Extra Tidbit: Kelly is said to have taken off about 25 minutes off the initial 160 minute cut of the film.
Source: Cinematical



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