Southland update

If you're wondering why you haven't seen a trailer yet for Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES, it's because... there isn't one yet. Nor is there any distribution plan or release date in place yet, which will surely disappoint anyone anxiously waiting to see how Kelly follows his cult fave DONNIE DARKO.

Kelly gave an update at his MySpace blog, stating that the film awaits budget approval for completion, and that a soundtrack deal is in the works. He also recommends reading the online SOUTHLAND TALES "prequel saga" graphic novels for maximum enjoyment of the eventual film. In the meantime, Kelly isn't letting those hands get idle -- he's still working on the horror movie THE BOX and is hammering out another screenplay, a remake of a 1971 action film for a "big director" (speculation is that it's the car chase flick VANISHING POINT, which was already remade as a TV movie starring a pre-Aragorn Viggo Mortensen).

SOUTHLAND TALES stars Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Rock and an expansive and sundry cast interacting during a Los Angeles heatwave in the not-too-distant future (which could conceivably be the past by the time we get to see the movie).
Extra Tidbit: DONNIE DARKO almost wound up making its premiere on the Starz cable network.
Source: Richard Kelly



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