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Southland update

For all you Richard Kelly fans, and I know you're out there, his much maligned but much talked about movie THE SOUTHLAND TALES is on its way. Kelly recently updated his blog and wrote that they're halfway through completing all the visual effects:

“We have to deliver everything by the end of summer. I have to tell everyone that the amount of visual effects work being added to the film is SIGNIFICANT… and I am so grateful for the work being done by Thomas Tannenberger and his team at Gradient VFX in Venice Beach.”

I wonder how different this version will be from the one shown in Cannes, which as we all know, was almost universally panned. If there is significant effects work being added, then we can certainly expect something quite different from what the people at Cannes saw, and no matter what people say, I will not lose hope on this thing. Kelly seems bent on perfecting this film and fixing some of its initial problems. Never give up. His next project will be THE BOX, which after the recent casting of Cameron Diaz, I'm also incredibly excited to see.

Extra Tidbit: Kelly also confirms that a company has been hired to begin work on the trailer for the film.
Source: Slashfilm



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