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Souza on StreetFighter


Steven E. de Souza, the director of the original STREET FIGHTER movie/travesty has been talking to MTV about the upcoming reboot-ish movie, STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI. Surprise: he thinks it will probably be better than the one he made:

I heard that its the story of just Chun-Li... That has to make for a better picture.

"When we were making the original one, they insisted that all of the characters be in the movie... And if you do the math, that gives you about 7 minutes per character if you split it up equally.

Let's be honest. You could film Van Damme and Ming-Na spiking the skulls of orphans over a beach volleyball net like freaking Maverick and Goose and still make a better STREET FIGHTER movie. Nice to hear him being so candid though.
Extra Tidbit: My interview with Justin Marks, the dude who wrote the upcoming STREET FIGHTER flick, HERE.
Source: MTV



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