Space Invaders romcom

Space Invaded

Wouldn't be surprising to see someone try to cash in on that granddaddy of video games since everybody else is turning toys into movies, but that's not the case here with Fox, surprising as that may sound... SPACE INVADERS the filmwill be a non-Atari related romantic comedy.

Badass actor Justin Theroux, who's also quickly making his mark as a screenwriter with TROPIC THUNDER and IRON MAN 2 as his first and second efforts respectively, will also pen this one about a jealous guy who launches into space to see if his astronaut girlfriend is cheating on him up there. 

Ok, so the basic plot sounds like something that could stink really bad, but then again Will Arnett is already signed on to headline. That dude knows funny! Theroux might be directing as well, so I'm keeping an open mind until I get to see a trailer.

Extra Tidbit: Makes me feel like re-watching SPACED INVADERS, guilty pleasure of mine. "Prepare to die Earth scum, Prepare to die Earth scum. I'm gonna make sure they carve that on your tombstone!"



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