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Spanish Pandorum Poster


As if we hadn't already shown you enough posters for PANDORUM. Here's another one! But in Spanish!

The poster is not a visually grabbing as the others, but it's not all bad. As for the movie, if Paul W.S. Anderson has anything to do with it, it's generally watchable. Usually though you only view his movies a couple of times unless it's RESIDENT EVIL, or in my case, MORTAL KOMBAT.

Our own Chris Bumbray was not terribly amazed with the film however. He could have summed it up in a couple of sentences actually: The film's plot was lackluster, it consisted of boring unoriginal space zombies that know karate. Thank you Ben Foster for making it so I didn't fall asleep. The end.

Maybe someone who enjoyed it will speak up. I mean, Dennis Quaid is in it.

Extra Tidbit: Director Christian Alvart was former Chief-Editor for the X-TRO Film magazine, a German cult underground magazine for fantasy and horror.
Source: JoBlo.com



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