Speak like a real adult with The Peanuts Movie's new Wah Wah Machine

You all remember that special time in your lives when you began the shift into adulthood. It brought about many changes, like an excess of body hair, confusing feelings, and a rather significant voice change akin to that of a trombone. We were finally adults. If you're still struggling with that last change, the fine folks behind the upcoming THE PEANUTS MOVIE have got you covered with their Wah Wah Machine.

Head on over to The Wah Wah Machine, enter your text, and listen to the soothing bellow of adulthood.

Adults may not appear too often in the world of Peanuts, but they're certainly heard, and THE PEANUTS MOVIE will be no exception. The distinctive "wah wah whawha wha wah!" comes courtesy of Trombone Shorty in the new PEANUTS film. The young New Orleans musician provided the voice, via his trombone, of the PEANUTS adults as well as the "wah wah's" in The Wah Wah Machine.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE will open in theaters on November 6, 2015.

Source: Fox



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