Spears' NASCAR film...

I had heard this rumor and hesitated to report on it, partly because I wanted SO BADLY for it to not be true. I can't stomach either Britney Spears nor NASCAR and the thought of the two combining for a movie was a frightening thought that sent shivers down my spine. But today the rumor was confirmed and all hope for mankind was essentially destroyed. The Spears/NASCAR project was given the green light.

Spears won't actually play a NASCAR driver as was first reported. She will instead star as the daughter of a team owner who uses her knowledge and experience (i.e., ample cleavage and flirtatious attitude) to lure a retired driver back into the game. The project will be filmed with the full cooperation of NASCAR who will let the filmmakers use actual footage from races. If anyone needs me I'll be sitting on the ledge of the tallest building in New Jersey.

Now that I think about it, maybe I like Britney after-all...

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