Speed 3?

Before we get into this I want to make this clear that this is complete and unsubstantiated RUMOR that I'm posting because for the tiny part of me that thinks it could be true, a bigger part thinks it might make for interesting discussion among you schmoes. The story, through AICN and Cinemablend, goes that Fox is looking to make another SPEED movie, with a script that reintroduces Jack Traven, and so with the hopes of getting Keanu Reeves back.

So what do you think? This sounds pretty lazy to me, but if that's the cost of getting Sandra Bullock from the mid-90s back then I'm down. That chick was so hot I heard that one time this guy looked at her and his boner actually sprouted a little boner of its own. It looked like one of those night sticks cops carry around, it was insane, people were going crazy.

Extra Tidbit: Blend is reporting that original director Jan De Bont won't go anywhere near the project.
Source: AICN



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