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I'm of the opinion that a SPIDER-MAN 4 will never happen. At least not happen in the sense that you and I would want it to happen (i.e., with the current cast and crew), but more on that later. Sony, however, seems to have a hard time letting go of their cash cow and has signed writer David Koepp (INDIANA JONES 4) to write a script for a fourth film. The studio hopes the film would be released in 2009 and 2010. Now, here comes the part where I explain the first sentence of the article in full. #1 - The deals for all the major talent in the Spidey Trifecta (Maguire, Dunst and Raimi) all expire after SPIDER-MAN 3. Assuming they each want to come back (see my next point), the price to bring each of them back would be astronomical. #2 - I don't think any of the Spidey Trifecta actually want to return. I think Raimi loves the films but desperately wants to do something else. I think Maguire has enjoyed them but is kinda worried about being pegged as "Spider-Man" for his entire career. I think Dunst just loathes the films and having to do them. #3 - If Sony were optimistic about the gang returning, they would've first negotiated with Raimi and then let him develop the script. By going outside and hiring Koepp, they've, in a sense, locked Raimi out of the development process he's been such a big part of, possibly because they don't really think he'll return.

All this said I think it could happen that we'll see a SPIDER-MAN 4. The studio could kill off Mary Jane in SM3 thus eliminating that problem. They could bring in a new director to replace Raimi but allow him to produce. They could then unload the Brink trucks to One Maguire Place, Hollywood, CA and convince him to return. Then use Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy to replace Mary Jane as a love interest (in a complete reversal of comic lore) and bring in Mysterio as a villian. Personally I'd just be happy if they ended the films with a neat and happy trilogy and everyone moved on with their lives. But remember this telling line from Variety today: "The first two movies had a combined worldwide gross north of $1 billion."

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