Spider-Man Day?

Part of me really laments the fact that my son, now 5, isn't old enough to see the SPIDER-MAN movies in the theater. He's a huge Spidey fan from the toys and cartoons but the movies, especially now with Venom, I think would be a little too much for him. Instead I think I might bring the ole boy into New York City for Spider-Man Week. What is this Spider-Man Week you ask? Well it's basically a partnership between Sony/Columbia and the NYC tourism board with a week's worth of Spider-Man events culminating in the film's US premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Some of the coolest events include:

- THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN COMIC COLLECTION at the New York Public Library. This exhibit will include rare and original Spider-Man comics that most of us have never had the fortune to be anywhere near.
- SPIDER'S GONE WILD WEEK at the Central Park Zoo will feature special spider exhibits and "Spidey Chats" with the zoos experts. - SPIDER WEEK at the American Museum fo Natural History will highlight the largest selection of spiders around. Attendees will also get a limited edition SPIDER-MAN 3 poster. - The week will end with a closing night celebration at the legendary Apollo Theater where contestants will rap about their favorite webslinger. Yes, they will rap about Spider-Man.

There are about a million things in between the kick-off and the conclusion, all of which you can check out here. Expect crazy amounts of coverage on SPIDER-MAN 3 as the release approaches.

Extra Tidbit: You can actually learn to trapeze as part of this program. What this has to do with SPIDER-MAN 3, I'm not sure but still. Learn to trapeze people. You've been putting it off for far too long.
Source: Sony Pictures



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