Spider-Man's new Uncle Ben is former President Martin Sheen; Sally Field for Aunt May

The freshly rebooted SPIDER-MAN has its new arachni-teen Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), love interest Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and villain (Rhys Ifans), and now secondary characters are showing up.

Peter's gentle Uncle Ben, who coins the famous phrase "With great power comes great responsibility" and then (SPOILER!) dies, will be played in the new movie by none other than Martin Sheen.

Sony's 3D relaunch of the webby Marvel character will reportedly begin production next month with director Marc Webb ((500) DAYS OF SUMMER), so we should see other actors soon filling other roles like Aunt May, J. Jonah Jameson, and probably Flash Thompson and another three or four villains. Because you can never have too many, right? Hrmm.

And yeah, Sheen is an award-winning screen veteran best known for APOCALYPSE NOW, but in my eyes he'll always be "The West Wing" POTUS. And, vocally, MASS EFFECT 2's devious Illusive Man.

UPDATE: Now Heat Vision adds that another well-known award-winner, Sally Field, is in talks to play Peter's sweet old Aunt May.

Extra Tidbit: Did Uncle Ben ever have an action figure?
Source: Heat Vision



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