Spidey 2 writer set

If you ask me, the main problem with SPIDER-MAN (pretty much the only problem) was the script.  All the little problems stem from that.  The only thing I can think of that bothered me that wasn't script or story related was the Goblin's mask.  Everything else was an off-shoot of David Koepp's script.  So guess who's coming back to write SPIDER-MAN 2?  You guessed it - David Koepp.  The writer showed no interest in returning and Sony had even gone so far as to hire new writers ("Smallville" creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar), but Koepp recently sparked to an idea and pitched it to Sony.  They loved it and in turn brought him back aboard.  The official word is that Gough and Millar will stay aboard though only to do rewrites on Koepp's draft. 

There is no word yet on exactly what plotline the sequel will follow but Kirsten Dunst has mentioned the name Black Cat more than once, Doctor Octopus is pretty much a lock for the villain and James Franco won't take over as another Green Goblin.  All of the original cast and crew (minus Willem Dafoe of course) will return for SM:2 and Sony has already targeted May 7, 2004 as their release date.

Source: Variety
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