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Spidey 4... and 5?


Ever since SPIDER-MAN 3 was released to gigantic profits and inconsistent fan response, everyone has wondered what Sony would do -- obviously they have wanted to make more movies/money with the webbed wonder, but would director Sam Raimi, in the face of so many new offers, be interested in continuing the SPIDER-series past a trilogy? Would Tobey Maguire ejaculate more wrist-jizz? Would the studio just recast the main roles and do a "soft reboot"?

Fear not, True Believers. If Hollywood scuttlebutt-sniffer Nikki Finke has her inside-track facts straight, both principals will be back -- possibly twice! Finke says that both Raimi and Maguire have secretly (well, it was) agreed to return, and the studio wants to do two new movies back-to-back, due to cost efficiency and logistics.

The story (or stories) will be based on whatever screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt (ZODIAC) has been cooking up for the past year or so, and although no specifics as to the villain(s) is verified, the Lizard is popular speculation. There is also the question of whether Kirsten Dunst would return (or be requested) for the role of Peter Parker's droopy-lidded girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.

Finke also mentions that the SPIDER-MAN Broadway show is apparently going ahead, and that writers have been assigned to the unnecessary VENOM spinoff film. Read all the details RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: I hope they bring in stuff from the comics like Ben Reilly, the Spider-Clone! Or the evil twin offspring of Gwen Stacey and Norman Osborn! Or Anti-Venom! Yep, some great ideas in them comics...
Source: Finke



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