Spidey 4 delayed?

Not sure what to make of this news but IESB is reporting that SPIDER-MAN 4 has been put on hold indefinitely at Sony Pictures. According to IESB's sources, production heads were notified late last week about the delays. They claim that they key sticking point is once again a battle between Sam Raimi and the studio over the film's villain. As you may have read, Raimi wants Vulture (and Vulturess?) as the villains in the film but Sony allegedly is having a problem with that decision. Who do they want? IESB says that the Sony execs don't even really have a viable alternative, they just know they don't want Vulture.

So what now? Well the holidays are fast approaching and it's very likely that any work on the film would be halted anyway. It's entirely possible that Raimi and Sony are having disagreements (they certainly did with SPIDER-MAN 3 where Raimi wanted Vulture over Venom) and that they'll take the next few weeks to hammer out the finer details.

While I know IESB has solid sources, let's hope this is just getting blown out of proportions and things will get back on track shortly. Or not. Call me crazy but I was never really all that excited about a SPIDER-MAN 4 anyway...

Extra Tidbit: I've never loved any of the SPIDER-MAN films.
Source: IESB



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