Spidey 4 Villain is..?

   He's a spider, get it?...

Not really surprising news, but not an official confirmation either; just your run-of-the-mill persistent rumor. Enough to make me look forward to Spidey 4 a little bit more, though. I know part 3 was a major let-down, but the second kicked all sorts of ass, so I'll allow myself to hope.

The folks from Latino Review are quoting an apparently solid source close to Sam Da Man Raimi who says not only will Dr. Connors' alter-ego finally show up, The Lizard will be the ONLY villain of the piece. At least for now - the source says the story might still go through changes.

If memory serve, Raimi claimed a few times that he preferred the golden age Spidey villains to more recent ones like Venom and Carnage, so Lizard would be the logically choice at that point in the franchise. And while I did maintain for a long time that having 3 baddies was the undoing of part 3, upon re-watching recently I was starting to think that maybe the disco strut by Emo-Peter pretty much killed it all by itself. Any thoughts on what else we should tell Sam to avoid like the plague?

Extra Tidbit: If they dare re-cast Dylan Baker, that is IT: I'm bashing that thing from now on.
Source: Latino Review



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