Spidey pics galore

I'm beginning to think that May 3rd might as well be a national holiday for me!  I've already decided to avoid any press screenings for SPIDER-MAN because I want to be there waiting on line, with a big bag of popcorn with a bunch of fellow geeks who will get up and cheer with me when Mary Jane calls Peter "tiger."  Besides, who wants to see SPIDER-MAN with a bunch of critics?   Not me.  (Nothing against movie critics by the way.  It's just not the atmosphere I'm looking for.)  Ahh, how I've waited for this day.  May 3 could just not come fast enough.  But to make the time go a little faster, I've been checking out some of the stills posted over at this German site Phantastik.de.  I don't know how they get all these promotional shots but they've got a few good ones.   Some of the ones you may recognize, but others are gems.  Just look at that picture below.  Man oh man that's good stuff.  I think I may have to bring my trench coat to the theater with me.


Source: Dark Horizons
Tags: Hollywood



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