Spielberg and Nolan?

Steven Spielberg may be getting INDIANA JONES 4 ready for a summer star but he's already looking ahead to some of his future projects. Spielberg has signed Jonah Nolan, brother of Chris Nolan and writer of MEMENTO was based on and THE PRESTIGE, to write the script for his upcoming film INTERSTELLAR. The film, which Spielberg is attached to direct at Paramount, follows space explorers who accidentally travel through a wormhole into another dimension. The film's concept was inspired by Spielberg's attendance at a Caltech workshop presented by Kip Thorne (who sounds an awful lot like a porn star), a physicist who discussed his theory on wormholes and how they could theoretically be used for time travel. Nolan recently worked with his brother on THE DARK KNIGHT and has some time to work on INTERSTELLAR while Spielberg is busy on INDY 4 and the Abraham Lincoln biopic he has planned with Liam Neeson.

Extra Tidbit: Nolan was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on MEMENTO.
Source: Variety



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