Spielberg drops Harvey

As a follower of all things Spielberg, I can't say that I'm all that disappointed in the news that he'll no longer be directing a remake of HARVEY for DreamWorks and Fox. The project had been set up for Spielberg to begin directing in early 2010 but the director had trouble finding a leading man to take over the role made famous by Jimmy Stewart in the 1950 film. The original, and obvious, choice was Tom Hanks but Hanks wisely wanted no part in trying to recreate the role (nor further advancing the notion that he's the "modern day Jimmy Stewart").

About two months ago the rumor broke that Spielberg was in talks with Robert Downey, Jr. to star in the film. The actor was interested and even handed in some notes on the script by Jonathan Topper. But those notes never really jived with Spielberg's creative vision for the film and both director and actor amicably walked away from the production.

It's noted that Fox will continue trying to launch a HARVEY remake and may even reapproach Spielberg and Downey, Jr. in the near future. But here's hoping they leave well enough alone. This may be wishful thinking but Spielberg hasn't directed a film that isn't a) an adaptation of a previously existing story, b) based on a true story or c) a remake, since E.T. I'm just waiting for the man to hatch one of his trademark original concepts and bring it to us, Amblin style.

Extra Tidbit: That said, I *would* love to see Spielberg and Downey, Jr. work together.
Source: Variety



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