Spielberg on Trial

I have immense admiration for Steven Spielberg -- the guy has more than proven his skill with any kind of material, and there aren't many directors who can maintain that constant flexibility over a thirty-year career. And while his more imaginative works give the visual zow, he's plenty capable when dipping into the history books (especially if it's the storming of Normandy Beach, or Eric Bana killing the shit out of terrorists).

Spielberg is traveling into the past once again, with TV guy Aaron Sorkin (THE WEST WING) by his side at Dreamworks. The pair are working on THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO SEVEN, based on the event where protesters were charged with conspiracy and other crimes stemming from the riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention, long before most of this site's readers were downloaded from the womb.

It's not known yet if Spielberg will direct, but I'd personally rather see him tackle his INTERSTELLAR project before another Important Movie. He's currently working on some film about a dusty relic.
Extra Tidbit: Spielberg reportedly feigned interest in making THE ISLAND in order to misdirect attention from his planned WAR OF THE WORLDS movie.
Source: Variety



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