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Spike & Fuqua do Miss


MISS book cover

Spike Lee and Antoine Fuqua are heading together where many others have gone before: Graphic Novel adaptations. Probably in a bid to reignite both of their careers. And their fuel of choice is a French one, you're welcome.

Vigilante Entertainment is mounting an adaptation of the French comic book "Miss: Better Living Through Crime" for Fuqua to direct and Lee to produce. Project is said to be shopped around studios for some backing, so let's assume the plan is to present it with a franchise in mind; the original French books come in 4 tomes after all. 

written by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux, the comic centres on the 1930s adventures of a streetwise white girl and a black "pimp" who hook up as assassins for hire. Top of my head, I say Taye Diggs and Jennifer Carpenter. Who says what?

Extra Tidbit: I really need to catch up on comic books... Anybody read this?
Source: Variety



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