Spike is taking Stephen King's The Mist to pilot

Back in September, word began to spread that Dimension Television and Christian Torpe were moving ahead with development on a TV series based on Stephen King's THE MIST. The source material had already been used to make a feature film by Frank Darabont, but the belief was that there was some interesting ideas to play with in serial form if THE MIST was adapted for the small screen.

The cable network Spike clearly agreed as they have given a pilot order to THE MIST, as the channel attempts to rebrand itself a bit and head back into the foray of scripted programming.

'We are excited to be in business with Spike on their first scripted production pilot and working with the very talented Christian Torpe to further explore Stephen King's classic novella and bring this riveting series to television audiences,' said Bob Weinstein, co-chairman of Dimension TV's parent company, The Weinstein Company.

As a huge fan of Darabont's picture, I am extremely curious to see how a series would be able to extend the drama of the story in an episodic way, without it feeling drawn out and thin. However, based on that film alone, there should be enough time to spend with individual characters, their fears and how the Mist draws so much of that out of them that this idea very well could work.



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