Spike Lee again

After seeing the negative reaction from his public spat with Clint Eastwood, Spike Lee has decided to instead concentrate on making quality movies and letting the caliber of his art do the talking for him. Except reverse all of that shit and that's what actually happened:

"My wife Tonya told me I may have hurt my chances with the Clint Eastwood stuff... They (Oscar voters and Academy bosses) take everything into account with me. They take into account that I like the Knicks or that I'm in New York."

"If you did a survey, the bulk of the people who vote in the Academy are in Los Angeles. There's definite bias, considering that my films are typically New York-based." He's still upset that his Do The Right Thing movie wasn't even considered for an Oscar the year Driving Miss Daisy claimed Best Film.

"Nobody is watching motherfucking Driving Miss Daisy today. Do The Right Thing is being taught in classes at major universities and high schools all over the world. That's how you're supposed to test art. Does the work stand up?"

Yeah, that's what happened. The academy saw his films, voted for him and then heard he was from New York and then changed their minds. "Nah, this asshole supports the Knicks. No way Jose," they said. Scorsese has been saying the same shit for years. Woody Allen too. I think we can all agree that this is a damn travesty.
Extra Tidbit: Lee never learned to drive.
Source: Huffington Post



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