Spike TV series Deadliest Warrior will fight its way into theaters as a feature film

If you cycle through the cable channels late at night, at some point you might have come across Spike TV's show "Deadliest Warrior."

The series plucks two combatants from past civilizations (pirates, knights, Vikings, samurai, etc.) and pits them against each other using various algorithms, computer-generated graphics and speculation, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses before a brutal head-to-head final clash to determine the hypothetical "winner".

Kind of an interesting premise, but enough for a feature film? Paramount and Spike seem to think so, as they have Shawn Levy (A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUMs) producing and possible directing the big-screen project. Levy is currently learning about theoretical scuffles in the robo-boxing movie REAL STEEL, starring Hugh Jackman.

The movie's storyline "is being kept under wraps", but you can probably assume it will somehow involve time-traveling warriors fighting to see who is the deadliest.

The show is currently heading into its third season.

Extra Tidbit: Will this be better than any of the fighting videogames that have been turned into movies? How couldn't it??
Source: Spike



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