Spinal Tap reunion

Update: See the film HERE.

Spinal Tap Spinal Tap, the influential hair band of the 1980s, who skyrocketed to fame when a Rob Reiner directed documentary titled THIS IS SPINAL TAP exposed the true genius of their near world changing music, unfortunately went the way of many hair bands of the 1980s, which is into frustrating obscurity. But though they may be pretty much as down as any aging, no longer relevant and really hasn't been relevant for more than ten years now musician can be, it doesn't mean they're out. Which is why they've agreed to once again let a camera follow them around while they try to recapture that magic that made them household names twenty years ago, all for the charitable cause of SOS/Live Earth. They'll then be reuniting for one last show in London at one of 7 Live Earth concerts on July 7th. Some interesting things you'll learn about the band's myriad of altruistic endeavors in the time they've been away from the public eye - they've campaigned tirelessly to help ferrets receive the Caesar Salad nutrition they so vitally need and they've helped literally hundreds of people cope with the crippling disability of high insteps. Get details of their reunion and the cause that's prompted them to reunite once more HERE.

Extra Tidbit: If you can get your hands on the four and a half hour bootleg of THIS IS SPINAL TAP, you'll truly realize the genius of the band.
Source: AOL News



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