Spock to star as Gershwin for Spielberg?

Last week Zachary Quinto told reporters at an event for an upcoming STAR TREK video game that he's "stepping away from STAR TREK for at least two years." That would seem to conflict with Paramount's plans to mount a TREK sequel tout de suite. So what does Quinto plan to do with his time (especially as "Heroes" inches closer and closer to cancellation)? Turns out he's going from JJ Abrams to Steven Spielberg.

Deadline is reporting that Quinto is set to star in Spielberg's in-development biopic on legendary composer George Gershwin. Doug Wright (QUILLS) wrote the script based on the life of the early 20th century composer of such classics as "Rhapsody in Blue." Quinto is reportedly already working with dialogue coaches to get Gershwin's New York-by-Russia accent down. It's unclear at this point if Spielberg will definitely direct the film but he's working closely with the film and should he decide to make a go of it, filming could begin as soon as April.

So maybe this is all the time Quinto needs away from STAR TREK? And didn't JJ Abrams want to direct a smaller film before work on TREK 2? Something to keep an eye on at the very least.

Extra Tidbit: One of the very best uses of "Rhapsody in Blue"
Source: Deadline



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