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Spoiler: Do the Guardians of the Galaxy end credits reveal a big surprise?


The Disney news site Stitch Kingdom reports that it has been provided with the full credited cast list for Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Director James Gunn has remained tight-lipped about the films cameos so it would be surprising if this was 100% true and a slip up of some kind. Needless to say there are a few surprises in terms of who will show (or not show) their face in the film and their role names.

**Warning: This Contains Potential Spoilers**

The site reports Nathan Fillion will play “Monstrous Inmate”, Gunn did say it’s “a very small cameo” so take that credit however you please. Stan Lee makes an appearance as “Xandarian Ladies Man.” Gunn himself will get some screen time as “Maskless Sakaaran,” and Rob Zombie voices “Ravager Navigator Voice.” One of the biggest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY rumors has been over whether Cosmo, chief of security on Knowhere, is in the film. According to the credits, Cosmo is in the film, and he is played by actor Fred the dog.

However, the biggest surprise may be the acknowledgement of Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik, creators of Howard the Duck during the end credits. Some might read into that pretty deep and suggest Howard makes a cameo in the movie, which honestly, would be the coolest thing I see all summer. It could also be a nod to them, or a thank you for letting them use a Howard the Duck comic in the flick seen perhaps in Peter Quill's collection, or Gunn could just like to name drop. All I know for sure, if there is a bar scene in the movie, I will be scanning like a mother.

UPDATE: A friendly MFC user reminded me in the comments of this great Unpopular Opinion Alex posted yesterday for HOWARD THE DUCK.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY finally arrives August 1st 2014.

He really is the worst:

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys have a cool cameo you would like to see in the movie?
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