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Spoilers: Jurassic World visitor's guide reveals new details about the park


A couple of months ago a leaked map of Isla Nublar from JURASSIC WORLD landed online, and now a visitor's guide from the film has also surfaced online. The brochure is a prop that was given to the extras appearing in Colin Trevorrow's new movie, and while there aren't any major spoilers in the guide (although it does reveal a cameo), you'll probably want to avoid the images below if you don't want to know anything about the park.

Take a look:

There's a good chance raptors will be appearing in JURASSIC WORLD, but I think it's interesting they aren't listed as one of the "Creatures of Jurassic" on the guide. I wonder if they are being kept hidden from the public? The guide also reveals Jimmy Fallon will greet visitors of the park with an instructional video. What do you think of the JURASSIC WORLD attractions?

JURASSIC WORLD will be in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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