Spoilers: What is in store for Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3?

If you can't already tell from the title, this article is spoiler heavy. For those who don't care about reading spoilers or those who have read the Extremis comic or issue #29 of Invincible Iron Man then I welcome you to read on.

Simon Philips, Marvel President of International and Consumer products threw down some pretty juicy bits of information on IRON MAN 3 during a presentation in São Paulo. Actually, he threw down some stuff that could potentially ruin part of the movie for people as if he didn't know the internet ever existed. Yeah, because no one cares about Marvel movie spoilers.

The first trailer did nothing but show the complete destruction of Tony Stark's world. Hey, this is what happens when you reveal your true identity to the world. Things seem to have gone from worse to worse. How will Tony make it out? Who will be there to help him out? What's a girl to do?

It looks like Pepper might be joining in on the action. This is the sum of what Philips had to say:

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will eventually have an underground Hall of Armors with at least 16 new armors, including a few classic designs from the comics. Simon Philips also revealed, or confirmed, that Virginia Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) will indeed get in on the action, this time by donning her own suit of armor; similar to doing so with the ‘Rescue’ suit in the comic books.

In addition, the report also captioned a scene from last month's teaser trailer, where Tony Stark is seen lying on a hospital bed, seemingly readying an operation. As expected, Philips apparently confirmed that it's during that scene that Stark is being injected with the Extremis virus. And as a result, he'll be able to create new armors from leftover pieces of older ones. For example, as Protocida notes, Stark will use arms and legs from previous models to create a new design.

Hmmmm, so if they decide at some point to do another IRON MAN film, will Pepper do the sidekick thing as Rescue?

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