Spun pics and poster

I've been hearing all sorts of buzz about this movie SPUN lately. I can honestly say I didn't know much about it so I decided to do some research. First, I found a plot synopsis at the old UpcomingMovies.com (which is segueing into Yahoo Movies) which reads, "an American Trainspotting set in Eugene, Oregon, this is the story of a young speed freak (Jason Schwartzman) who is introduced by his dealer (John Leguizamo) to the creator (Mickey Rourke) of his favorite drug, which leads to a three-day drugged-out adventure..." OK, sounds interesting enough. I also noticed the film was directed by Jonas Ackerlund, who I remember doing videos for Metallica, Madonna and Prodigy. I never much cared for his video work but I know he's got his share of people who really dig him. Then I stumbled upon some pics and the poster for the film. I included two shots here of Brittany Murphy and Jason Schwartzman but there's a picture of a whacked out Mena Suvari that gives me the skeeves so much I couldn't include it here. Head over to the official site if you'd like to see it, and more like it, for yourself. No official release date is set as of yet.

Source: Cinemovies
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