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Stacy Keach is joining Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy


The next installment in the Bourne series, THE BOURNE LEGACY might be without Matt Damon but they do have a pretty decent cast thus far: Jeremy Renner, Ed Norton and Rachel Weisz.

Now another actor is joining that wonderful cast, the always amazing Stacy Keach. This will also reunite Keach and Norton who were last paired in AMERICAN HISTORY X.

The details on the plot have been kept secret, so as of right now we don't have a heads up on what we will be seeing in this film. Here's what we do know: Norton is the villain and Weisz is the love interest. Tony Gilroy will be back as director for the series.

While I enjoyed Damon as Bourne, this next film could be pretty damn cool. I'm all for Norton as the villain in anything.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Keach role: Christopher Titus' dad, Ken on TITUS. I freaking loved that show.
Source: THR



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