Stallone Expendable

Next to some real toothy oral sex, my favorite thing in the world has to be torch passing. Nothing gets me going like a good passing of the torch. I remember crying when Peyton passed it to Eli, when Nicholson passed it to Heath, and when the Big Mac passed it to the double Big Mac. Now, comes a solid passing of the torch in the world of action stars and frankly I'm excited.

Sly Stallone, a classic action scion by all accounts, will star in THE EXPENDABLES alongside Jason Statham, the one who many believe has inherited the title of the ultimate modern action hero. He inherited the best qualities of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Merryl Streep and has molded them into a contemporary gun-toting, hole-plugging, killing machine. Not only that, but Jet Li is in negotiations to star as well. Can someone say torch passing overload?

The film, which was written and is set to be directed by Stallone himself, will follow a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator. That means there should be plenty of Latin women with large posteriors involved, as well as a little drug abusing--both essential when shooting an action movie. I like the sound of this thing a lot.
Extra Tidbit: Statham versus Young Stallone. Who takes it?
Source: Variety



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