Stamp is Wanted

Terence Stamp (RED PLANET) has joined the cast for the upcoming comic book flick, WANTED. I sincerely hope that people are getting excited about this bad boy, because it's gonna be a beast. I'm sure you all know Mr. Stamp from his excellent turns in MY BOSS' DAUGHTER, ELEKTRA and oh yeah, SUPERMAN. He joins the cast which already includes Common, Morgan Freeman, James McAvoy and up-and-comer Angelina Jolie. Now that's a pretty fantastic cast, but the thing that really gets me excited about it is the director, Timur Bekmambetov. He is so good I'm willing to ignore the fact that the script was re-written by the dude that wrote TRISTAN + ISOLDE (I hate that movie). I'm sure you're aware that this is the director that made NIGHT WATCH.

In the film, a young man (McAvoy) finds out that his father was a super-villain and now he is being recruited to follow in his footsteps. Somewhere along the way Jolie appears and is hot.
Extra Tidbit: The line in the song 'Waterloo Sunset' by The Kinks, "Terry met Julie" was inspired by the onscreen romance of Terrence Stamp and Julie Christie, when filming FAR FROM THE MADDENING CROWD.
Source: SuperheroHype



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