Stan gets laid

Imagine a situation where you're dating a girl you find to be otherwise perfect until you learn about her sexual history. It's not a new scenario - one that was mined for comedic relief quite well in both CLERKS and CHASING AMY - and I'm sure one that has afflicted many of the guys reading this. But what if you had the chance to even the playing field? That's the concept behind the upcoming comedy ONE NIGHT STAN.

The film follows a guy named Stan who's allowed by his fiancee Julie to have one night to catch up to her number of sexual conquests before their wedding. Stan, obviously, envisions an orgy-esque night, but this being a high-concept comedy you can bet that things won't go that smoothly. The film will be directed by HAROLD AND KUMAR creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg who seem to be putting a third H&K movie on the back-burner for the time being to tackle this film. The film is set up at Lionsgate but no start date has been announced.

Extra Tidbit: What kind of girl would actually allow this??
Source: THR



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