Stan Lee creating 30 superheroes for each team in the NHL

Alright so this isn't exactly movie news, but I wouldn't be surprised if somehow it led into a feature film someday, and I thought you guys would enjoy it. Stan Lee is apparently content to leave The Avengers in the hands of the studio, and will show up for his obligatory cameo when he's asked.But in his free time, what's he up to?

His new project is, and I kid you not, to create superheroes for each of the 30 teams in the NHL for a publicity push known as The Guardian Project. Yup.

Stan Lee’s vision for his latest superhero franchise, The Guardian Project, which will encompass the creation of 30 Guardians (one to represent each NHL team) as a new series of superheroes, with a creative concept that organically and authentically incorporates various NHL elements but is not set in the world of hockey. “I’ve always believed that every great plan starts with a great story,” says Mr. Lee. “In the creation of GME and its unique and unprecedented relationship with the NHL, I truly believe we have the perfect combination from which to launch 30 new superheroes and excite young fans around the globe.”

Some have accused Stan Lee of selling out over the years, but I don't know whether to file this as that or just "crazy old man can do whatever the hell he wants." And as I said, if this takes off, don't be surprised if you see a movie or kids' show spawn out of thise. But what I'm most curious about his how the hell he's going to make superheroes out of some of these teams. Sure, the Predators, Panthers, Sharks, Lightning, etc probably won't have that hard of a time, but what about some of the others?

Toronto's Maple Man - With the power to shoot syrup out of his eyes. The bad guys will be sticky beyond belief!

Ottawa's Super Senator - With the power to move legislation to a standstill!

Anaheim's Danger Duck - Mess with this duck, and he'll annoy the shit out of you by quacking for hours!

New York's The Islander - Able to surround himself by water at any given moment!

I could go on, but I've already convinced myself that I'd watch this movie.

Extra Tidbit: One more: Edmonton's 'Orrible Oiler, with the ability to kill any sea life at will!
Source: Deadline



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