Stan wants Lizard

Seeing as how talk of certain people wanting certain villains to play certain roles in SPIDERMAN 3 worked out, this news could be terrible. But you might be of the opinion that Venom in SPIDEY 3 was a success, or you might be of the opinion that this makes complete sense. Stan Lee has apparently chimed in on the creative process, saying that The Lizard would be the logical choice as the next villain for Spidey to tackle. Does this matter? I don't know, the movie doesn't even have a script or a cast yet, but I've already heard people talking about Rhino, Carnage and even The Punisher making appearences! Still Stan Lee is Stan Lee, and apart from being really good at pulling people out of the way of falling rubble, he does know a thing or two about comic book characters. And he's right too, The Lizard is the logical next step. If there is a next step. Any other insertion of a villain would feel a little forced. And I bet Dylan Baker would jump at the chance. He's been biding his time in the background for too long, too long I say!
Extra Tidbit: In MTV's animated SPIDERMAN series, Dr. Connors/The Lizard were voiced by Rob Zombie!
Source: ReelzChannel



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