Star Trek virals

Star Trek Considering the exhaustive viral marketing campaign for the J.J. Abrams produced monster flick CLOVERFIELD secured a cool 46 million dollar opening weekend, it's no surprise he's started up a similar viral campaign for his upcoming directorial reboot of STAR TREK. Several intrepid schmoes and schmoettes have written in to tell us about the viral goodness buried within the film's OFFICIAL SITE but for the purposes of convenience, let's go with what Johnboy had to say. As per his instructions, "there is a small red light just to the right of the word 'under construction' on the offical Star Trek movie site and it goes to NCC-1701 which has 4 'live' streaming web cams of the shipyard building the enterprise." Groovy. Go ahead, check it out. Chances are this little viral site is the start of a chain reaction that'll see a ridiculous explosion of viral marketing for this film in the coming months and we'll do our best to cover some of it but, honestly, at some point, enough is just goddamn enough. The film opens Christmas Day.

Extra Tidbit: Abrams thought rumored Captain Kirk Matt Damon was too old for the role. Aww, hell no, he didn't!
Source: Paramount



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