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Star Wars Adidas


I can't quite decide whether these are utterly ridiculous or completely awesome, but they're worth a look either way. Adidas is partnering with Star Wars to come out with a line of shoes based on various characters from the films. Sorry, no Jar Jar.

Though we only get to see teaser shots of each shoe rather than the whole thing, we can already catch glimpses of Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Vader and Yoda shoes, with a wicked Vader hoodie thrown in for good measure.

I think the target demo for these will be split between nerds and rappers. I think some like the Vaders are too understated, while the shiny lightsaber battle ones are a bit over the top for my taste. A perfect compromise? The Stormtroopers. If they weren’t coming out in 2010, I’d add those to my Christmas list right now.

Extra Tidbit: Where are the gold plated "Threepios" or the fur covered "Chewbaccas"?
Source: CinematicalAdidas



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