Star Wars on Blu-ray in October of 2011?

UPDATE: At today's Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida, George Lucas confirmed that all 6 Star Wars live-action feature films will be coming to Blu-ray in 2011. The box set, expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of next year, will include never-before-seen deleted scenes. More to come soon...

That STAR WARS is coming to Blu-ray should be a surprise to no one. Releasing all six films on Blu-ray and converting them to 3D for a theatrical rerelease has been something Lucasfilm has been hinting at for quite some time now. So why the sudden interest in STAR WARS Blu-ray news? Well Steve Sansweet, Director of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm, spoke at C2E2 this weekend and revealed that yes, the Blu-rays are in development and that a release "won't be in the too distant future." Ooookay. So we don't really know anything more, do we?

Turns out DVD site The Digital Bits might know a bit more than that. While Sansweet was not prepared to give any details on the release date, The Digital Bits is reporting that the Blu-rays are tentatively scheduled for an October, 2011 release date. I think most people were hoping for something a little sooner but the date makes sense. They're obviously going to want something pre-holiday so buying the Blu-ray box-set will be a must have for fans come Christmas and Hanukkah.

I'm sure we'll get more details about the release as we get closer to Comic-Con and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's when we get an official announcement and date on the discs. My question would be, when the Blu-rays are released, will you get both trilogies or are you sticking with just the original series?

Extra Tidbit: No, that's not official box art...
Source: IGNThe Digital Bits



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