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Star Wars: Episode VII rumors: Saoirse Ronan up for a lead role, Benedict Cumberbatch to have a small part?


I really wish I had some actual casting news for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, but unfortunately we're stuck with rumors until Disney finally decides to announce something.

The latest rumor is that Saoirse Ronan has read for a part in the upcoming film from director J.J. Abrams, according to a source for Latino-Review. The site isn't 100% sure who Saoirse Ronan read for, but Bleeding Cool (based off of their own sources) believes it is for the lead in the film. Bleeding Cool says that Ronan isn't a lock and another actress could be cast in the role, however there are apparently a couple of high-profile female parts and Saoirse Ronan could be cast as either character. Latino-Review has a bit more information on the other part, and they claim the character is a female villain that will appear in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

But what about Benedict Cumberbatch? Even though it's been denied, many believe the actor will star in the new STAR WARS film. Latino-Review first reported the rumor, and they are sticking with their story, saying Cumberbatch will definitely appear in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII and that the denials are just a smoke screen. They also say that Benedict Cumberbatch will only have a small part in EPISODE VII, but will have a much bigger role in the sequels. In their report Latino-Review also reveals where part of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will be filming, and it's Las Cruces, New Mexico. Any thoughts on what STAR WARS locations could be filmed in New Mexico?

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is scheduled to be in theaters sometime in 2015.

Extra Tidbit: If Saoirse Ronan isn't cast as the female villain, who would you like to see in the role? If it is true, of course...



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