Stars are geeks too!

For years, US Weekly has been trying to convince us that stars, they’re just like us! But seeing Kate Hudson holding a Starbucks cup doesn’t prove anything. But what about a list of the top ten celebrity comic book geeks? That’s right. Despite their millions of dollars, fancy cars, and ability to bed whomever they please, some of them would throw it all a way at the chance to sniff an original Superman comic, mint condition.

Website Pulpsecret.com made a list of the top ten celebrity comic book geeks. The biggest surprises to me were Rosario Dawson at number 4 and Jerry Seinfeld at number 3. I knew Jerry was I’m obsessed with Superman, but I didn’t know that made him a bona fide geek. The list provides examples of each star’s geekery, which you can check out HERE. Oh, and some dude named Nic Cage is number one.

Extra Tidbit: If Cage is such a fan of comics, then why did he make GHOST RIDER?
Source: Pulpsecret.com



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