Start your waggling: Netflix coming to the Wii

Prepare to dust off your Wii and start charging those remotes. No, there’s not a new Zelda game coming out, rather you'll soon be able to use that little white box for something other than playing awkard Wii tennis when your aunt and uncle come over for dinner. The system, which currently can’t play DVDs, is now bypassing that format entirely as soon you'll have the ability to stream Netflix movies from your console.

“But how?” you ask. “Isn’t the Wii’s processor equivalent of my TI-83?” Well, that may be, but the system uses a “streaming disk” which PS3 users will be familiar with and according to our own Johnny Moreno, “It sucks.” If anyone would like to elaborate on that, feel free. Currently Xbox 360 is the only console that doesn’t require a disk for Netflix, streaming through Xbox Live instead.

This is quite good news for the Wii, as all joking aside, there are millions of non-gaming Wii owners there who bought the console on a whim, and after a few sporadic waggling sessions, have hung up their nunchucks for a long while now. The Netflix addition makes the console a bit more relevant again, and pushes Blockbuster just that much closer to going out of business.

Extra Tidbit: Have you been to Blockbuster recently? I rarely see a DVD for sale above $8.
Source: CNETGadget Review



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