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Our man Eric Walkuski just returned from the set of DEATH RACE in Montreal and while speaking of that film is verboten, we can share some interesting tidbits director Paul WS Anderson and star Jason Statham shared about their upcoming projects. Walkuski files these dispatches from the set:

Will Jason Statham have a part in GI JOE? "The old internet can be quite misleading at times. I don't know where that came from. No, no connection with GI JOE." OK so what is his next project? That'd be CRANK 2. Sez Statham: "Oh god, it is f*ckin' ridiculous. In a nutshell, if you thought the first one was crazy, this one is ridiculous. I mean, its mad - but in a good way. I couldn't resist. Working with those chaps again and doing something in that vein again, it's something very unique and it gives me a chance to go wild in the aisles."

On some other rumored projects Statham says he's meeting with Luc Besson to talk about TRANSPORTER 3 and that he's "yearning to do Part 3." As for the long rumored BRAZILIAN JOB, Statham says not to get too excited. "Charlize is busy, Wahlberg's a busy man, everybody's busy. There's too many moving parts for that one to come together quickly."

Producer Jeremy Bolt also confirmed that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will not be starring in SPY HUNTER after years of being attached to that project. Anderson said that he's expecting a new draft of the script soon and he'll take it from there. His next project will be THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY and he'll be producing CASTLEVANIA, which they expect to get shooting before the strike.

Once the studio embargo is lifted, expect a full DEATH RACE report with lots and lots more with Statham, Anderson and crew. Stay tuned for more!

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