Statham's giant head

OK - what the hell is going on with that picture to the right?? What you see is a GIANT prosthetic Jason Statham head from the set of CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE. But that can't even begin to answer the questions I have about this photo. Like why is there a GIANT prosthetic Jason Statham head? And flipping through the rest of the photo gallery at the LA Times, it gets even more confusing as you see pics of the stuntman wearing the GIANT prosthetic Jason Statham head is fighting on top of a miniature stage. So has Jason Statham grown to gigantic proportions in CRANK 2? Has this turned into a monster movie where Statham attacks downtown LA? You can check out the whole gallery of bizarro stills at the Los Angeles Times and you can head to the "Masters of the Web" panel on Thursday morning where directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor will be moderating and showing off the first footage from CRANK 2. The mystery of the GIANT head will be revealed...

Extra Tidbit: Still loving Amy Smart on the set of CRANK 2.
Source: LA Times



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