Step Bros Red Band

Someone, somewhere has placed a vicious curse on our best comedic actors. It works like this: Once they make a few classics, they must sink slowly and painfully into the fuzzy world I affectionately refer to as “cinematic mediocrity” or perhaps even “filmic irrelevance”, depending on the day. This toxic land’s current inhabitants include Mr. Myers, Mr. Sandler, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Carrey and even one Christopher Rock. Unfortunately Will Ferrell, who I once thought could do no wrong, is teetering dangerously close to the brink of this over-populated wasteland (did anyone like SEMI-PRO/BLADES OF GLORY?) and it’s the outcome of his latest flick STEP BROTHERS that will determine whether or not he will fully take the plunge.

Thankfully for him, some red band clips from the film were released today and they’re pretty damn funny. Who knew that all the guy really needed was a whole lotta F-bombs. Oh wait, I did.

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Extra Tidbit: Will Ferrell's step-brother in real life is named Colin. Apparently he's an actor too.
Source: Funny or Die



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