Step Brothers poster

Well, it looks as if John C. Reilly has completely abandoned his once-promising drama career and has fully gone the way of the laugh. First with TALLADEGA NIGHTS, then WALK HARD, and now with the upcoming STEP BROTHERS (not to mention regular appearances on FunnyorDie.com), Reilly is really pushing hard to be part of the Apatow/Ferrell/McKay comedy juggernaut. Cinematical has obtained the poster premiere of STEP BROTHERS, which tells the story of spoiled best buds whose parents decide to get married.

This is said to be the final part in Ferrell and McKay’s ‘Idiot Trilogy’ (with ANCHORMAN and TALLADEGA the other two) but I think most of Will Ferrell’s movies can fit into this category, including his upcoming comedy SEMI-PRO. The poster seems to follow the same motif as recent Apatow-involved films like KNOCKED UP and WALK HARD: curly-haired fellow with clueless/naïve look on their face. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. STEP BROTHERS comes out July 25th, and you can click on Reilly's receding hairline to see it all.

Extra Tidbit: Reilly helped develop the story with Ferrell and McKay.
Source: Cinematical



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