Step Up 2 this trailer

Today is a momentous one for me and my whole crew, because the trailer for STEP UP 2 has finally been set loose at Apple Trailers, and when I saw it's subtitle was THE STREETS, I knew that we were in for some straight up hardcore bubblegum hoodrat teeny bopper gangsta shit. Having now seen the trailer, I can say that there was too much booty-shaking and not enough glock-blasting for me. If you're going to name your movie after the streets, then you best well represent them, ya heard? Although, to the trailer's credit, when Andie (Briana Evigan) says "Let's do this" with such conviction, and then it cuts to a wicked back flip, I did get chills, I'm not going to lie. STEP UP 2: THE STREETS hits the streets on February 14, literally, because they'll be selling bootlegs in Chinatown in no time.
Extra Tidbit: STEP UP 2 was written by Karen Barna, the 11th best Barna on the planet (there are 1012 Barnas).
Source: Apple Trailers



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