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Wrtier/director Hilary Brougher scripted and shot her film STEPHANIE DALEY at the Sundance Writer's Lab and later at the Sundance Director's Lab, each designed to give up and coming filmmakers a shot at realizing their vision. Well, word out of last year's Sundance was that Brougher's vision was indeed realized and is indeed disturbing, yet brilliant. Borderline hottie Amber Tamblyn (THE GRUDGE 2) stars as a highschool girl who is accused of and put on trial for throwing her newborn baby into a dumpster. Tilda Swinton (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA) plays a forensic psychologist who must examine the young defendant, and in doing so confront her own horrific pregnancy history. Stillbirth, everyone.

Anyhow, the film can now refer to itself as award-winning, after picking up a screenwriting prize at Sundance and a handful of others around the block, and it continues to garner high praise from critics. Tamblyn's performance is being hailed as one of the best of the year by some rather prestigious film critics, so this film might be worth checking out. Also, it's said that the scene in which Ms. Daley gives birth is as wrenching as they come. Check out the posters BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: When Amber Tamblyn realized her character's pet on General Hospital was going to be a tarantula, she asked that it be killed off due to her arachnaphobia.
Source: Filmick



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