Stephen King's top 10 movies of the year

There are going to be many top ten lists in the following month or two, but I thought I'd post this one up as Stephen King's opinion on film is something I've generally found I respect over the years.

Yes, he's probably going to be a little bit biased toward horror, as that's his bag, but his list this year mirrors mine in a few ways so far, but also has some pretty out-there choices. Check it out:

10. Green Zone
9. Jackass 3D
8. Monsters
7. Splice
6. Kick-Ass
5. Takers
4. The Social Network
3. Inception
2. The Town
1. Let Me In

No surprise to see THE TOWN, INCEPTION, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, KICK-ASS or LET ME IN as his number one, but GREEN ZONE? I may have agreed with its message, but that movie was far too political for its own good. JACKASS 3D might be entertaining, but I can't say it should be near any serious top ten lists.

SPLICE is an interesting choice, as that was a very interesting movie that flew under most people's radar. I haven't seen MONSTERS yet, but from what I understand it's a cool concept that ends up being disappointing.

But perhaps his strangest choice is the Hayden Christensen/T.I./Paul Walker/Chris Brown joint TAKERS, that was pretty universally derided. Here's why King liked it:

“This satisfyingly complex cops-’n'-robbers movie features great performances … and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I’ve seen this year.”

If you say so. Granted all this is one man's opinion, but some interesting picks here. For more detailed analysis of his picks from King, you'll have to pick up the print edition of Entertainment Weekly. 

Extra Tidbit: Not sure why you'd make a list like this before Oscar season, but OK.
Source: EW



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