Stephen Lang being considered for the lead in Spielberg's Terra Nova show

Big moves over at Fox concerning the Stephen Spielberg backed Terra Nova, a highly ambitious TV sci-fi show that will most likely be amazing and Fox will cancel it halfway through a season.

First the show was delayed to 2011, then just recently it's executive producer, David Fury walked away due to creative differences. But now there's a bit of good news, as the show is lining up a lead in the form of AVATAR's Stephen Lang. Say what you will about his rather one-dimensional character in Cameron's film, but that man is an undeniable badass, and I'd be pumped to see him in anything.

For the unititiated, Terra Nova is about earth in 2149 (5 years before AVATAR interestingly enough), and the planet is on the verge of extinction. Scientists discover a way to time travel to prehistoric times, and so they begin the process of sending families back in time to colonize there. Lang would be part of the initial crew.

It seems like a grand concept, but could it be overly ambitious for a TV show? I mean, do they reallly have the budget for spaceship and dinosaurs and everything else they need to make out of CGI? Heavy CGI shows these days look like shit (have you seen the inside of a V ship lately?) so that might be part of the problem going on behind the scenes. But in any case, Lang as the lead would certainly bolster interest in the project.

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Source: Deadline



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